>> Monday, March 30, 2009

This day became a source of unending struggle between sadness and desperation. I applied recently at a call center, and went through the preliminary assessment. The grueling long hours of waiting for the next process for the application to begin was indeed life-sapping and nerve-racking. I am disappointed that I failed the final assessment and would just like to vent out. But one would wonder why a registered nurse will apply for a customer service position. Not that I view such a job as low and degrading but one can only posit a fact, that the nursing profession here is indeed in a dire situation. Almost all the hospitals are freeze hiring as the pool of unemployed nurses steadily rise. Pushing more and more nurses to apply for jobs that are not really connected with nursing.

No. I am not blaming the baleful situation here, but I am more of blaming myself. I always consider myself as more of a writer than a speaker. Am I justifying again my incompetency? Maybe. Again, I just want to vent my disappointment here after all this is my blog and I will write what I feel writing.

I always find myself contradicting my own words...

Anyway after the disappointment comes desperation again, incessant whining will not bring me salvation. Nobody will pay someone to rant and cry over childish complaints. So what now? On again with the job hunt. *sigh


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