>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I just wanted to celebrate my friend's first blog, and I should say, it's a rather extravagant beginning indeed. The reason to be proud, is an eye-opener, a powerful statement, a voice of the most underrepresented sector in this country. I think he should make more articles. Go Gersie!! ^_^


Bad bad bad

Recently I received dire news about my ACLS training. I flunked my ACLS exams according to them, I missed a point, the passing score was 19 and I only got 18, and that was the only reason. A mere 1 point difference that ruined my day, and eventually burned my 4 thousand pesos to dust. What the heck!! Just like that, no remorse (don't mind my blabbering, I'm just pissed really), I was expecting a little consideration, just a little, but I didn't get some. I understand that they are just keeping the name of their company with the highest standards, but when you're disappointed, you can't see straight, I mean, I can't see their side, or for now, I can't accept whatever reason they have. I feel that I have lost a lot, especially because It's not easy to produce 4 thousand pesos with the salary we nurses get. I can accept their reason if I have flunked all exams, or if I failed the megacode or something. But I didn't. tsk tsk. Now my head hurts thinking how will I budget my salary to pay for the damned ACLS fee and it's christmas (grits teeth), how will I buy gifts then? I'm just wrecked, I'm so pissed really. Really really pissed.


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