A letter to YOU

>> Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey YOU,

I guess after YOU have read this letter many questions run through your mind. Well, many questions clog my mind too. So we're like the same. But I don't think those questions are not meant for me to answer.

But before anything else, I gotta say that I am happy. Many people say a lot about the things, and events that happened in my life but I don't blame them. It's natural for people, especially those close to our hearts to meddle in our affairs. They may affect the way I decide on things but it's still me who gets to decide after all.

I esteem your perseverance. Your study habits I'd like to adopt but unfortunately I can't hehehe or I wont try. YOUr dedication to your studies is simply admirable.

I am happy that I still get to meet YOU every once in a while. My friends say, "here we go again" but I digress. I don't know the reasons behind the way things happen and I don't care , for if I begin to delve deeper into the reasons behind, when I bringing myself to understand why things are, the more it becomes unfathomable, the more it becomes complex. It kills the mojo if you know what I mean. That's why as much as possible, I never try to rationalize. Just be content that's all. So I am content of what I have right now. No expectations, no hassle. So as long as you want me to be in your life, I'll be there. No questions asked. And if YOU decide to go and move on, I'll still be okay.

And another thing, I wanna say thank YOU. I know you have a great heart. YOU may never know but YOU are a part of the great tapestry of people who weaved my personality. It's cliche though to say "never change" coz that's impossible. So instead just be who YOU are. coz no matter who you become I'd still be down with it. (Just don't be an asshole or I'll be gone before you know it hehe)




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