Happy New Year!

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

I was expecting a very dismal new year, in fact, I kinda expected not to celebrate the passing of 2009, because I was on duty last night. It was actually difficult to condition myself to not to expect anything much more to deny that I was feeling sullenly morose. So I went on, woke up, singing my heart out, to vent my frustration. Until I came to the hospital.

It was another typical night duty at the hospital, nothing particularly special, except that people are more giddy, smiling with greetings and all. I tried to mask my frustration by feeling excited to contribute to our small new year feast. And as time passed, I was distracted by fireworks lighting up the sky as midnight neared. One of my colleagues suggested that we go the rooftop of the hospital. She said the view was breath-taking, and I agreed. A quarter before midnight, we came to the rooftop, and I was just speechless. The view was astounding, it was like seeing the universe unfold before my eyes. The dazzling display of fireworks seemed like stars exploding in the black canvass of the night sky. And just like that, morose no more, I forgot about all the weariness of the past year fade away. It was a happy new year indeed. I wouldn't exchange it for anything.

Thanks to my colleagues, and my friends who were there with me, I should say, all that happened last year was all worth it because it all happened for a reason. Thank you dear Lord for the past year, and I look forward for a prosperous year ahead.


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