>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Last Night I chanced upon this show on cinemax (cable channel), the show is true blood. Created by Alan Ball, the genius behind Six Feet Under, which I really loved. Now, I have known about this since last year, but was never able to watch it until it came to Asian televisions last night. The show was unprecedented. I never expected it to be so...astounding. I first got to know the story of Sookie back then when the twilight craze was still fresh, I was browsing on the fiction shelf of a local bookstore and saw this novel. I thought it had certain similarities with twilight, and that made me put it down. Imitation was the highest form of flattery I thought, but I was wrong. True blood is an original in a way. Thank God I chanced upon it last night, or I would have never forgiven myself for not watching such a worthy series.

Alan Ball has never lost his magic. In fact last night was somehow nostalgic of six feet under. The story is replete with enchanting characters. Alan Ball is truly a master, how he can make characters seem so realistic and yet weird in a way is really his trademark. Every character is interesting and exciting as episode by episode answers unfold. Watching it is like riding a roller coaster.

The mind reading ability is reminiscent of twilight but on true blood, its quite different. The sex scenes were resplendently done and is peppered quite commonly in the entire length of each show which I definitely like. The mystery factor is also enthralling, and leaves you craving for more. I like the notion that this show was somehow like 'twilight for adults'. Last night was a marathon of 4 episodes and during that 4 hours of jaw dropping blood, sex, and magic, I can't help but wish that it will continue till day breaks or something like that. Now I'm craving for more and can't wait till next thursday. (True blood is aired every Thursday in cinemax.)


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